CSOFT | Shenzhen, China
Infinity Design & Engineering | Beijing, China

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Design Statement:
The main design philosophy for this project was modern, simple, and bright. The design of the angles of the reception desk in the entryway gives people a refreshing feeling. A hidden, diagonal light trough gives the room a dynamic quality, and the diagonally laid white floor invigorates employees from the moment they walk in. The corridors are not lined with a single wall surface, but with geometric wooden wall surfaces that creates a unique style. On the carpet is a smear of aqua, increasing the delightfulness of the space. The irregular bar counter and table tops in the pantry echo each other. There are seats by the window, enriching the time in the afternoon. Simple and unique green bamboo imbues the entire space with limitless vitality, for sitting by the window and leisurely watching the scenery, or taking advantage of the warm sunlight to read lazily. It's up to you to choose. The conference room has moveable partitions, making the space more versatile. The upholstered, moveable walls are decorated in different colors that give a refreshing feeling without being too overwhelming. The white glass panels are for remembering the details of all the brainstorming sessions. In the office area, transparent glass partitions expand the field of view, so the entire space looks brighter and full of energy. Two colors with different textures, white and wood, are distinctly scattered throughout this office space. The simple and lively lines have a kind of straightforward beauty. The smear of aqua on the Vertical Edge tile increases the delightfulness of the space in the corridor. It is the design highlight of the common area. Meanwhile, the entire Vertical Edge continues right onto the perimeter of the conference room, like a projection of the space on the floor.
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