Idea Paint | Boston, MA
Fusion Design Consultants, LLC | Boston, MA

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Design Statement:
The client's new 7,600 square foot work space, designed by the design firm, seamlessly blends elements of a working showroom and a collaborative office environment. Nearly two-thirds of the space is writable surface, offering a real-time demonstration of the client's myriad applications. Upon entry, one is greeted by an informal, approachable reception area – a "hello space" – which sets the tone for the vibrant and open office space. Comfortable seating and writable surface on the signature blue wall give employees a space for interaction and self-expression. The heart of the office is the communal café which provides viable work and meeting space as well as a fun get-away for employees. The cafe embraces the concept of employee mobility, offering a place to work and gather other than the conference room and workstation. This concept was critical to the project vision, and encourages inspired thinking and flexible "on the spot" interaction between co-workers. The client's new workspace perfectly balances personal and communal needs by providing private space for focused work, and collaborative space which fosters team work and invention. The space feels connected to its downtown setting through large windows that offers view in from the streetscape- reinforcing the concept of a "working showroom." The workplace brings out the best in current employees and is key in attracting new talent. "Our new space is not only in a great location" says the client's president John Stephans, "but is fully representative of our brand and conducive to driving greater collaboration and result."
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