Ludia | Montréal, Québec, Canada
For. design planning | Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Design Statement:
Exceptional growth, which this video game company has experienced, led Ludia to increase its workspaces to the floor above the one it currently occupies. In this creative area, where staff retention and the search for new talents are a priority, our instructions were to come up with an artist atelier, collaborative spaces, and a "love at first sight" lounge for current and future employees. While remaining coherent with their existing set-up, the new design allows for the creation of a link between the two floors and serves to concretize the fun culture of the company. One of the strategies used was the creation of a minimalist design with vibrant colors that distinguish between the work spaces and the rest areas. The planning and lighting of the workspaces had to be coherent and maintain the flexibility necessary for the continual reorganization needed by future projects. Adjacent to the atelier, there are various formal and informal collaborative spaces with access to the different types of technology. The lounge, the new heart of the company's social life, includes trashy, fun, kitsch and retro flavors, and encompasses different types of activities and gatherings: games, relaxation, exchanges, events, conferences, the projection of sports matches, social club parties, etc. The design of these new spaces allowed us to stay within budget and meet the client's objectives while deeply anchoring the company's philosophy and culture into the space. The standard floor covering of the client's existing floor was composite vinyl 12" x 12" tile. Given the instability of the building's wooden subfloor, the company decided to proceed with numerous repairs over the years and the product in place continues to deteriorate. For the new floors, we must find a new flexible vinyl product that would survive the conditions of the historical building. The Shaw tiles, in addition to being easily adaptable to the existing subfloor, are easy to take care of and do not require any waxing. The significant advantages led the client to invest more in the purchase and to redefine its covering standard, in the interest of reducing long-term maintenance costs. The client was also convinced by the esthetically sober and industrial look of the tiles, as well as the colors, the "matte" finish and the atypical 18" x 18" format. The product's competitive price, the ease of access to its stocked resources, and the high quality reputation of Shaw products were also considered in the decision process. The selection of this product thus allows us to meet the criteria of durability, maintenance, and esthetics all while staying within the client's budget.
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