Art'Otel Amsterdam | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Design Statement:
The theme of this design project was integral to the art'otel brand, which fuses architectural style with art-inspired interiors in collaboration with a signature artist who displays original works of art specifically for the chosen property. In this case, this hotel pays homage to international awarded signature artist Atelier Van Lieshout led by artist Joep van Lieshout, with the theme 'Course of Life', with an ultimate goal to create an integration of art and hospitality experience as part of the overall concept. The objective was to create large scale, dynamic art that could integrate with and be seen from all the public spaces in the adjoining 5&33 lifestyle restaurant, bar and gallery area as well as when looking in from outside. We chose the form of Video-Art and pushed the media and technology limits, while using guest's interaction as a unique spin. Two large silicone cord screens (13.5 x 6.5 metres each) were mounted on both sides of the main staircase that lead from the public floor to the gallery level, allowing the art to be seen from all the public areas (lounge, library, restaurant, bar, and gallery) creating a circular flow. Overall, 16 projectors with special lenses were integrated with special software created for art'otel to project the video art content on to the screens. Special kinetic sensors are placed around the space to review the movement of people near the screens. Together with the sensors, the computer system is able to change the content, in real-time, according to the movement. This creates the largest permanent interactive art feature in Europe, allowing people to take part in the art and not just view it. Inspired by city life and street art, we used concrete flooring for the public areas and located an open kitchen between the restaurant and the bar area. Large backlit curtains and a patterned fireplace soften the atmosphere, while creating semi-transparent dividers between the different areas. The reception counters are head shaped sculptures, giving the guest an artistic view from his first step into the hotel environment. Our vision with this hotel was reflected throughout the entire design process. Our goal was to create an innovative hotel that will offer a new generation of hospitality experience with a unique fusion of art and lifestyle. Using innovative technology and solutions, the space was designed to provide inspiration for its guests. Some examples include the silicon video-art curtains and the design guest bathrooms. In order to enlarge the space of the rooms, we planned the bathrooms with colored glass walls. Electric liquid films change the glass from transparent to opaque to ensure privacy and a 'peekaboo' feature. Guest responses indicate that they loved the design. 5&33 restaurant is fully booked day after day and known as one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam from the day of opening (October 2013). The flexible space of the gallery is open to the public and hosts varied programs of exhibitions, as well as trendy events.
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