887 Wylie Street

Small Office Winner

Project: 887 Wylie Street | Atlanta GA

Firm: Kronberg Wall Architects & Planners | Atlanta GA

Design Statement

The adaptive reuse of the historic 1922 Bearden Temple AME Church and the retention of its historic exterior honors its significance within the historic Reynoldstown community of Atlanta. Though the interior of the building has been repurposed for use as a design studio, its design seeks to accentuate the remnant architecture and historic elements of the solid granite church – namely, the stained glass windows. This was accomplished by using a predominantly neutral palette of colors and materials so as to focus one’s eye to the stained glass. The only other brilliant color in the space was found in the carpet with the colors hand selected to mirror the light streaming through the stained glass. These pops of color in the carpet are used to create paths of interest throughout the space, as well as to provide playful patterns to be discovered as one explores the space. As the light shines through the colored panes onto the floor of each studio pod, the colors of the glass fall in perfect synchronicity with the color patterning of the carpet. Color placement was used to counter negative space on the walls, provide wayfinding, and to provide visual interest to multipurpose areas.

The search for the perfect product to accomplish both the aesthetic and material objectives necessary for the space was relentless. The day our Shaw Representative Rebecca Edwards came in to show us a new product, we knew immediately that it was right for the space. Shaw is our go-to for flooring as a rule, because of the quality of the product and the responsiveness of the representatives. The timeliness of her introduction of this new product was uncanny and reinforced to us the value brought to us by our Shaw rep.

Because we had the rare challenge of being our own client, we knew it was critical for our space to reflect our core value of conscientious urban place-making. Therefore the main goal: the creation of a collaborative design studio from the historic remnants of the Intown Bearden Temple AME Church, needed not only to respect the century of history that preceded us, but display our commitment to high design in existing places. In the spirit of conscientious place-making, we decided early on to pursue LEED Certification, therefore recycled content and product manufacturing proximity were key components to the final selection of each of our materials.

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